Let's Build Your
Capsule Jewelry Box

Casey, one of our amazing Client Ambassadors hosts a regular series on the staples of every classic jewelry box.

She walks us through how to carefully select pieces that embody precision craftsmanship, elegant design and high-quality materials to create a timeless and functional collection.

As the collection grows you will find each piece right here.

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Meet our Team
Casey Hartranft

Casey is a Jackson WY native, thrilled to be the newest addition to the JHJC team. With a strong background in private equity and a wealth of customer service experience, she brings a unique blend of business acumen and a passion for exceptional client interactions to our dynamic group.

She engages in philanthropic activities by volunteering her time fostering puppies and contributing her expertise to the Jackson Hole Fire/EMS Foundation. You’ll often find her running, mountain biking, or skiing.

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