Jackson Hole Jewelry Company

Limited Edition 18 Karat White Two Stack Teton Stacking Rings™ with French Cut Eternity Sapphire Snake River Band & Diamond Winter Band

$ 5,100

Featuring an eye-catching Snake River sapphire eternity band and a diamond eternity band, this limited edition stack of two is ideal for the adventurer whose collection would be incomplete without a bow to both the excitement and calm of the water, and and a shoutout to winter season. Each band set is influenced by the splendor of the Teton Valley and brought to life with our passion for its offerings.


  • Natural sapphires
  • Diamond Pave
  • 18 Karat White Gold (Top Three Teton Bands)
  • 18 Karat White Gold (Middle Sapphire Band
  • 18 Karat White Gold (Bottom Diamond Band)
  • Four Band Stack  

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