Norman Silverman | July 11th - 13th

Trunk Show
60 E Broadway Ave
The Spirit of Italian Craftsmanship
Why Choose Chantecler?

Chantecler jewelry exemplifies the adaptability and meticulous attention to detail that are the hallmarks of Italian family businesses.

Each piece, including our 18KT white gold and turquoise Cherie Sautoir, is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, blending unique style with enduring reliability.

Chantecler Enchante Drop Earrings - Jackson Hole Jewelry Company
Chantecler Enchante Stud Earrings in 18K Rose Gold - Jackson Hole Jewelry Company
Curated by Zachariah: Exclusives from Chantecler

Handpicked by our expert curator Zachariah, the synthesis of an extraordinary skilled craftsmanship, capable of reconciling unique style with long term reliability, is embodied in the tuft of stones tied to the necklace with a sphere that incorporates a cardan joint, a small mechanism allowing the tuft to freely rotate without coiling the strands of the necklace.

Unmatched Quality and Artistry
Own a Piece of Italian Mastery

Every Chantecler piece is crafted in Italy with the utmost precision. From the intricate cardan joint in our necklaces to the luxurious blend of diamonds and enamel, each detail is carefully constructed to ensure not just beauty, but superior quality.