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Chantecler Capri

Chantecler Cherie Sautoir 18K White Gold, Diamonds & Turquoise

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Cherie sautoir in 18Kt white gold, white diamonds and turquoise.

The secret of the elegance of this sautoir is an artful, subtle scaling of the spheres, a result of hours of careful selection and combination. The synthesis of an extraordinary skilled craftsmanship, capable of reconciling unique style with long term reliability, is embodied in the tuft of stones tied to the necklace with a sphere that incorporates a cardan joint, a small mechanism allowing the tuft to freely rotate without coiling the strands of the necklace. 

Diamond 1.52 cwt
Turquoise 88.50 Gr

Being a handmade product the above characteristics may be subject to slight variations.
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