Jackson Hole Jewelry Company

18 Karat Diamond and Sapphire Dreamcatcher Necklace

$ 1,990

Our gold and diamond dreamcatchers are an instagrammer's dream, and not just because they're made with stopping nightmares in mind. Stunning in person and pictures, their aesthetic beauty is only enhanced by their beautiful symbolism. The addition of sapphire-said to shield people from illness and negativity-gives the wearer an extra reminder of peace and protection.

"We live our lives chasing dreams, catch yours in the Tetons”


  • 42 Diamonds Totaling .15 Carat
  • 1 Diamond Totaling .02 Carat
  • 1 Diamond Totaling .09 Carat
  • 12 Round Sapphire Totaling .14 Carat
  • 18 Karat Yellow Gold
  • 24" Chain
  • Pendant is 15mm Wide

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