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7 Carat Natural Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

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GIA 7.16 carat natural fancy yellow radiant cut diamond center, with matched D-E, SI .70 pear shaped side stones. Platinum and 18 karat yellow.

Birthed from the chance inclusion of nitrogen in the typical carbon diamond, fancy yellow diamonds illuminate the marvels of nature. While all natural colored diamonds are relatively rare, the yellow variety are abundant in positive undertones-radiating happiness, optimism, and wisdom. Two .70 pear shaped side stones accompany this 7.16 carat fancy yellow radiant cut diamond for an elegant look invigorated with color. 


  • 7.16 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut VVS1
  •  Platinum with 18 Karat Yellow Gold 
  • .70 Pear Shaped Side Stones
  • Hand crafted

      *Available in different carat weights and sizes, contact us for a custom quote 


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